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The fire department responds to a variety of emergencies. For each type of the emergency the department responds with certain apparatus and a certain number of personnel. Below are the response assignments that the department has put in place. Also are some of the emergencies that the department responds to and their respective assignments.

For fire calls the town is divided into 5 districts each with its own response assignments. This also defines which town will respond for mutual aid, depending on the area of town. Each district has it's own "run card." Click on the link below to see the response areas, and the correspond run cards.

Response Area's and Districts

Response Assignments

Still Alarm

Village - 1 Engine

Outside Village - 1 Engine, 2 personnel to cover headquarters

First Alarm

City - Engine 1, Engine 3, Tower 4, Car 1. Rescue 2 for cover at headquarters

Rural - Engine 1, Engine 3, Rescue 2, Car 1. Tower 4 for cover at headquarters

Mutual Aid

Many times St. Johnsbury is requested by another town for mutual aid to assist them with an incident. Whether from a predefined run card, or by special call 1 or more pieces of apparatus may be requested. For mutual aid calls, the on-duty staff will wait to fill out the apparatus before responding.

Automatic Mutual Aid

St. Johnsbury responds automatically to incidents in neighboring communities with agreements in place to protect adjoinging districts. For these calls the, on-duty staff will respond immediately for a rapid response.

Special Call

During any incident, the officer in charge may request additional apparatus to respond. If the first due engine company requires assistance they may request additional support. In addition, surrounding communities may special call specific resources for incident's requiring special needs.

2019 Consumer Confidence Report

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