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Citizen_Ride_AlongThe ride along program allows citizens to voluntarily accompany officers and to observe law enforcement activities in order to better understand the problems of policing.  The observer may request to ride in any area at any time or with a particular officer.  If convenient to the department and conditions permit, permission may be granted. Safety of non-police personnel will be a primary concern.

A person wishing to ride along should pick up ride-along forms at the police department between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00pm daily.  Completed request forms should be returned for review at least 48 hours before the desired ride-along date. The Chief of Police may grant permission for the citizen to ride with police officers. A background check on the citizen may also be performed. Juveniles must be 16 years of age or older to ride and must have request and waiver forms signed by parent or guardian.

The observer must follow directions of the officer. It is also possible that an observer may be required to appear as witness in Court.

The observer or the officer may terminate the ride whenever he or she wishes.

Observers shall at all times remain under the complete control of the assigned officer and shall comply with all directions and requests.

Observers shall not interfere with investigations in any way by conversing with victims, suspects, or witnesses, handling evidence or police equipment, or participating in any police activity unless directed to do so by the assigned officer.

More rules and regulations on this program can be found with the request forms.


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