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Historical Timeline

St. Johnsbury Fire Department History Timeline 1843-1938

1843 - October 31 - The St. Johnsbury Fire Department is established.

1844 - April 19 - Torrent Engine Co. No. 1 is organized as the town's first official fire company. The "hose house" is located at Fairbanks Village.

1845 - The Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company is formed and located on Main street, with 30 men. The Island Hose Company # 3 is formed and located in Paddock Village.

1848 - Fletcher Hose Company # 4 is established and located on Main St. with the Ladder Company.

1850 - The Flanders Hose Company # 5 is organized on Railroad street.

1875 - The first box alarm system was installed in the town with 6 boxes. The system was conncted to the bell in the tower of the Methodist Church on Central street. That church burned in 1915, and was replaced by the stone church in place today.

1891 - Summerville Hose Company # 6 is formed on Concord Ave. with 17 men. (Sewing in VT Building.)

1894 - Torrent Engine Co. 1 is reorganized as Fairbanks Hose Company # 1 in Fairbanks Village.

1904 - Island Hose Co. 3 is renamed Paddock Hose Company #3

1912 - Full-time firefighters were employed working 24 hours shifts with 1 day off every 14 days. The department also acquired one of the first motorized pieces of apparatus in the state, a 1911 American LaFrance Type 75 Chemical Engine, named Combination 1. The new Central fire station is opened on Eastern Ave. The firehouses on Main and Railroad St. are vacated.

1924 - The Fire Department moved into its first official headquarters on Main street and continues to operate from that location.

1938 - The Fire Department purchased a Peter Pirch hydraulic powered ladder truck, the first hydraulic ladder truck in the state of Vermont. In 2001 the ladder truck was returned to the Fire Department by Harold Puffner. To date the Box 36 Club is assisting the Town of St. Johnsbury with the restoration of the apparatus.

St. Johnsbury was at one time protected by 169 firefighters located at 5 firehouses throughout the town.


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